Monday, 9 September 2013

Lace Dress Combination

I LOVE dresses, especially this kind of exquisite lace dresses one would normally wear with high heels and lots of eccessories. But what if you want to wear a dress, but have an awfully busy day ahead? You can't run around from one place to another in high heels and still feel comfortable, can you? Well, I can't. But I still can pair this dress with my favourite Oxford shoes, and have a comfortable, but very sophisticated outfit. So, what do you think about the combination of lace dresses with Oxford shoes?

Unknown Turkish Brand Lace Dress,
Lc Waikiki Oxford Shoes,
Stradivarius Headban

Hope, you like this outfit:)

Fashion Your Days, follow your dreams and stay tuned!
Yours Darya


  1. Great look, honey.



  2. this is a great look on you, it is playful, feminine and looks like a very comfortable dress for being lace.