Thursday, 7 August 2014

IMAX Day in Russia

Hello Everyone!

I hope that this week has started great for you! Today I would like to share with you some pictures of the walk out I've had with my sister last weekend.

July 26 is now the day of IMAX in Russia, so we decided to take a chance and visit one of the cinemas in our city, where this day was celebrated. Here are some photos, that we've made on our way. The building on the background is the Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is an amazing Theatre, by the way, I like to visit it from time to time :)

I was wearing:
Unknown Brand Sweater
DIY Skirt
Centro Skarf
Incity Belt
Mango Bag

And now a little bit about IMAX day. We have only one IMAX cinema in our city, and it showed the best trailers of this year on this occasion. Being a huge cinephile I couldn't miss this opportunity:) We had some free time before the cinema performance, and of course we spent it on making these photos, don't judge them too harshly:)

We have abnormaly bad weather lately, but fortunately it didn't spoil our weekend! How did you spend your weekend? Hope, you had great time, just like we did.

I also have some news for you. I've spent last week in Ekaterinburg, that is a city not far from Chelyabinsk (the city where I live). I've absolutely perplexed you with these long Russian city names, haven't I? I have some pictures from Ekaterinburg to share with you. I think, that you might be interested in Russian culture or beautiful places here. I'm going to write several posts about Ekaterinburg this week, so let me know if you like posts containing not only my pictures but also Russian sightseeings and nice places and some information about them.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate your comments!
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Yours Dasha

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Happy Graduation with Honours

Hello, My Dear Readers!

I'm back again, finally! This year was rather tough for me, as it was my last year at University. So I hadn't time and opportunity to write here.
Now I have some wonderful news to share with you. I've graduated with honours and now I'm a qualified linguist/interpreter. I cannot even explain how happy I am :) 

For this important event I chose a lace dress, that I wore with a golden belt to accent the waist. Though surely the main accent of this outfit is my Red Diploma, that made the celebration possible!

Our University has an amazing team of landscape designers, that is why it looks especially beautiful in summer, when thousands of different flowers surround it. I already miss my Uni with its magical atmosphere both inside and outside. I've learnt a lot during this 5 years and met so many interesting people. 

And now enjoy the photos! :)

 And some photos with my lovely younger sister :))
 As you can see from this one, we are veeery happy!!!
I wore:
Incity White Lace Dress
Incity Golden Belt
Mango Bag

Thank you for reading!
I'm always pleased to read your comments!
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Your Dasha

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

All You Need For a Nice Walk

Hi my dear readers,
I'm finally free from my university exams and now I have much more time for blogging. So I promise to post more regulary from now on.

As you probably know it's quite cold in Russia. Today I'd like to share with you a look for cold autumn days: a coat, a hat, some warm shoes and voila - you are ready for a walk! Honestly, I'm in love with my coat. It's very comfortable and its colour is amazing. I also like that it has some details of a military style.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cosy Warm DIY Dress

Hi everyone,
I'm here to write the first post in 2014. I wish you to be very happy and successful this year. I aslo hope that you've had an amazing celebration of Christmas and the New Year :)
Today I'd like to share with you some images of my another DIY dress. I like its rich colour very much. It's very comfortable to wear during the cold Russian days, because it has relatively long sleeves and the fabric is very warm. To feel warm but yet be stylish I wear it with grey tights. What do you think about this look?