Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pink and Jeans: University Look

For me the word "autumn" is asscociated with education, studies and university. This year started my last year in university. I'm happy, excited and sad at the same time. I hope, this year will be awesome.
As for clothes, it's always quite diffucult for me to choose outfits for university. Although we don't have dress code, there are still some clothes we are not allowed to wear. So, I usually wear some classical pieces but try not to make them look boring. This time I decided to pair a pale-pink shirt with blue jeans. To make the look more elegant I wore a necklace, that matches the colour of the shirt. I think this look is perfect for university studies. So, what do you think about this look? What do you wear to your job or place of studies?

I'm wearing:
Calliope Body Shirt
LC Waikiki Jeans
Avon Necklace
Centro Wedges

Leave your comments if you liked this look:)
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Yours Darya

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  1. I like that this look is very comfortable. You have to be practical when in school! We have uniforms so I don't worry about what to wear. :)

  2. Выглядишь превосходно, очень практично, удобно и красиво, нравится цвет блузки teamed with necklaceю Thank you for comment on my blog, have a great week ahead


  3. lovely look!
    your shirt is such a nice colour

  4. Great look for university! Enjoy your last year. It is definitely bittersweet!