Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Magical Journey to Dubai 2

Hi everyone,
here I am with more photos of Dubai. Have I already written that I had great time there?:) It's especially pleasant to think about this time now, when I have so much work to do at university. Dubai is a beautiful modern city, I'd return there over and over again.

 The highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Isn't it amazing? I was dreaming to see it!

You've probably heard much about different malls of Dubai, among them is Mall of the Emirates, with the world’s largest indoor snow park in it, and, of course, Dubai Mall, one of the world's largest shopping malls in UAE. 
 This is how Mall of the Emirates looks inside, so much space to shop:)
 And here is the famous indoor ski resort Ski Dubai. There is real snow inside, we have more snow during Russian winters, but when its about 40 degrees on the street, this snow looks rather impressive.

Look what I found in one of the book stores in Mall of the Emirates! I love the Great Gatsby and here is a red carper with Gatsby Himself (ha-ha)! Cool, isn't it?

The other mall I visited the same day was the Dubai Mall. The diversity of the shops there boggles the imagination, so all you can say is “wow”!

Have you heard about the Candylicious, or, maybe, visited it? It’s the world’s largest candy store. Its concept developed in Singapore and later expanded to Malaysia. One of the Candylicious stores is in the Dubai Mall as well. It’s a sweet tooth’s paradise! Amazing!
 I was a bit tired to the end of the day, but perfectly happy, believe me:)
Do you remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I found Wonka chocolate in Candylicious and was extremely excited because of it! I’ve never seen it in Russia. Do you have Wonka in your country?

I was wearing:
DIY Shirt (I’ll write a post about it later)
LC Waikiki Pink Pants (you can see me wearing them here and here)

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  1. Awesome pictures! I've always wanted to go to Dubai! So glad you're having fun!

    1. Thank you very much:) Dubai is great, wish you could visit it too:)

  2. I have always wanted to Dubai, heard it's awesome. Thank you for sharing this pics. Love it and also thanks for dropping by my blog, sorry for the late reply though.
    I followed you via FC and Bloglovin, hope you will follow back.

    1. Thanks for your comment:) Dubai is really amazing!
      Follow you, too.